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I've lived my whole life on and off the Pacific Northwest. I spend most of my time learning through all mediums and experiences, and communicating what I can through my work. So much value has been wrought from academic precedents, trials, and experiments. However, I love troubleshooting, problem solving, finding alternative routes to solve the same issue, because so much can be found in the untried and untouched.


Artist's Statement

I seek the surreal moments that can be found in any situation. The most trivial of happenstances can be projected to have a peculiar, original, and entirely fascinating meaning that can just as easily be interpreted as everyday coincidence, average, and wholly uninteresting. The creation, definition, and refinement of universal meaning within my existence is what I can only identify as my artistic inspiration. I enjoy discovering these moments, in all things created by humanity, but mostly in what is created when no one is moving except the whirlwind of entropy and coincidence.


We seek beauty; aesthetic, abstract, and alien. We look for stunning landscapes in nature that take our breath from us, and force us to feel as though we are inconsequential. We dig through past shapes and words, creating connections through ethereal similarities to make some sense of the changing world. In this fearless generation, we are attracted to what is not understood. We study, dissect, and reassemble. Then we share, collaborate, and progress. 


I hope to discover the reason that design brings the world together in a way that nothing else does. 





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Tel: +1.530.906.2300

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